Circus Arts

Silk Hammock, Lyra Hoop, Silks, & Bungee
FUN FITNESS! It’s time to get out of your comfort zone to experience true everlasting change from your boring mundane gym workouts. Our circus arts classes will keep you engaged, challenged, and wanting to learn more! Students develop strength, flexibility, and coordination while fostering creativity and self expression with lots of laughs in a fun and supportive environment.

GKS is the ONLY studio in Albany offering circus arts classes from fully certified teachers, you are in good hands!

Circus Arts Silk Hammock
Silk Hammock

Hopefully you’ve experienced the joy of flipping and flying in one of our aerial yoga classes and are ready to take it up a notch in a Circus Silk Hammock class (if not, go back to the basics and check out our aerial yoga classes here to get you prepped, as they are a requirement).

Circus Silk Hammocks are much longer and higher off the ground, while hanging from a single point with a swivel- it’s time to get your spin on!

Get ready to learn dynamic and creative routines full of suspended wraps, tricks and flips, fostering strength, flexibility, core stability, and a positive attitude toward reaching one’s goals. This class caters to a range of skill levels, providing a playful yet challenging environment for individuals to explore the artistry of cirque hammock.

Class Times:
Intro to Hammock- Thursdays 7pm
All-levels- Tuesdays 5:45pm
Cirque Hammock Series L1- Mondays 5:45pm (8 weeks)

Silk Hammock Series L2- Thursdays 5:45pm (8 weeks)

Always check the schedule for class times/changes

Lyra Hoop

Come explore the Lyra Hoop, or Aerial Hoop as it is sometimes called, a circular, steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which circus artists perform aerial acrobatics. In our beginner basics and fundamentals class, no experience is required. We focus on building hand grip and upper body strength, knee locks, and some beautiful beginner poses within the hoop. As students advance they focus on developing aerial technique, dance combinations and floorwork. Each week students learn poses, transitions and choreography. Students eventually learn fully choreographed routines to make their own.

Class Times:
Low Impact Lyra- Tuesdays 9am
Lyra for Seniors- Tuesdays 9am
Intro To Lyra- Tuesdays 5:45pm and Saturdays 2pm
Lyra Level 1- Wednesdays 5:45pm, Fridays 10:45am and Sundays 1:15pm
Lyra Level 2- Wednesdays at 7pm and Sundays 11:45am

Always check the schedule for class times/changes


Aerial Silks, also known as aerial fabric or tissue, is a captivating form of aerial acrobatics where performers execute choreographed moves while suspended from fabric apparatus. This class focuses on building strength, flexibility, and grace as participants learn to climb, wrap, and create stunning poses in the air. Emphasizing both artistic expression and physical prowess, aerial silks provide a unique and exhilarating full-body workout. All skill levels are welcome as participants progress at their own pace with guidance from experienced instructors.

Class Times:
Beginner & All-level Drop-In Classes
Mondays 7pm and Saturdays 11:15am

5-Week Series:
Beginners- Tuesdays 8:10pm
Level 1- Tuesdays 7pm

Always check the schedule for class times/changes

Bungee Classes
Bungee Workout

Our Bungee workouts provide a full body exercise in a short amount of time that is more fun and more thorough than any workout you’ve ever experienced! Bring your water bottle and prepare to get sweaty. Participants wear a harness attached to bungee cords suspended from the ceiling, allowing for dynamic movements with elements of dance, aerobics, and resistance training. This class aims to improve cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination in a fun and unique way. It’s suitable for various fitness levels, providing a full-body low-impact workout while reducing stress on joints.

Benefits of Bungee Workouts Include:

  • Low Impact, meaning less stress on joints.
  • Maximizes calorie and fat burn in a short amount of time.
  • Increases strength, balance, coordination, agility, and core strength.
  • Increases blood and lymphatic flow, the keys to overall health and healing.
  • Plus, it’s fun to defy gravity!

Class Times:
Fridays 5:15pm
Saturdays 10:15am

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