Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga takes many of the traditional yoga poses and incorporates them using swings that hang from the ceiling. It also uses aspects of pilates, dance, and gymnastics. The swing enables you to get into deeper stretches and sustain more challenging poses for a longer period of time.

We offer multiple aerial yoga classes for students of all ages, sizes and skill levels. From our beginner experience to circus arts, you’ll learn in a fun, light-hearted and trusting environment. Don’t let our more advanced photos scare you, EVERYONE can do aerial yoga. It’s all about choosing the right class for you!

Aerial Yoga Beginner

Explore the fundamentals of aerial yoga in this beginner-friendly class that explores the fusion of traditional yoga poses with the support of an aerial yoga swing. Learn basic poses, transitions, and safety techniques in a supportive environment. Participants will experience gentle inversions, stretches, and core exercises, promoting flexibility, strength, and relaxation. No prior aerial or yoga experience is required, making it accessible for all levels. Come ready to elevate your practice and enjoy the unique benefits of Aerial Yoga.

Prerequisite: None, start here.

Next level/advancement: Aerial Yoga Beginners & All-levels can be taken again and again to provide you with a newfound comfort and experience within the hammock each time.

Aerial Yoga All-Levels

This class is has a similar flow to our Aerial Yoga Beginner class, however more advanced options will be offered but not required. Postures will vary from teacher to teacher and may have more of a distinct theme geared towards the class. Enhance flexibility, build strength, as you explore inversions and unique aerial sequences. Suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners, the class aims to elevate your yoga practice both physically and mentally in a supportive and fun environment. Lengthen your spine and decompress your mind!

Prerequisite: Suitable for beginners and beginner +

Aerial Yoga Beginners & All-levels can be taken again and again to provide you with a newfound comfort and experience within the hammock each time.

Next level/advancement: Aerial Yoga Intermediate, Aerial Strong, Aerial Play

Aerial Yoga Restore

Aerial Yoga Restore focuses on gentle, restorative poses practiced with the aid of a hammock suspended just a few inches off the floor. This class promotes relaxation, flexibility, and stress relief by combining traditional yoga principles with the support of the aerial apparatus. Participants experience soothing stretches and therapeutic postures, allowing for a unique, gravity-defying approach to rejuvenating mind and body.

Prerequisite: None. Suitable for beginners and beginner +

Class geared toward: Anyone with low back, hip, upper back, and neck pain, recovering from injuries, looking for a relaxing and restorative experience, and anyone who is intimidated by joining an aerial yoga class.

Aerial | Slow Flow

Aerial slow flow yoga combines traditional slow-flow yoga movements with the support of the silk hammock (double point). This class focuses on gentle transitions, deep stretches, and mindfulness, allowing participants to experience the benefits of yoga with the added dimension of aerial support. The hammock assists in achieving deeper poses, enhances balance, and promotes relaxation, making it suitable for all levels, including beginners. Students can expect a serene and grounding practice that emphasizes breath, alignment, and a unique aerial perspective on traditional yoga postures.

Prerequisite: None. Suitable for beginners and beginner +

Aerial Yoga Strong

Aerial Yoga Strong is an invigorating class that combines traditional yoga poses with the dynamic elements of aerial arts. Using the silk hammocks (double point), this class provides a unique and empowering full-body workout suspended in the air, fostering both physical and mental well-being. Elevate your hammock practice with more challenging poses, inversions, and aerial conditioning exercises to enhance strength, flexibility, and core strength.

Prerequisite: MUST have completed at least 1 of the following, Aerial Yoga Beginners, All-levels.

Class geared toward: Anyone looking for a more challenging, strengthening class.

Aerial Yoga Intermediate

Aerial Yoga Intermediate is designed for practitioners with a solid foundation in aerial yoga fundamentals. This class introduces more advanced yoga poses, transitions, and sequences, challenging participants to further develop strength, flexibility, and balance. Emphasis is placed on refining techniques, deepening stretches, and exploring inversions in the aerial hammock. A fusion of traditional yoga and aerial arts, this intermediate level class invites students to elevate their practice both physically and mentally, fostering a sense of fluidity and grace in the body and mind.

Prerequisite: MUST have completed at least 1 of the following, Aerial Yoga Beginners, All-levels.

Next level/advancement: Aerial Strong, Aerial Play, Intro to Silk Hammock

Aerial Play- Tricks & Flips

If you loved the playful acrobatics of any of your beginner/all-level aerial yoga classes and want to take it up a level, this class is for you! Using the silk hammocks (double point) instead of the nylon swings, this class introduces more advanced poses and sequences with beginner-friendly flips, rolls, and tricks to cater to cirque enthusiasts! Get ready to elevate your skills and have a blast while doing it!

Prerequisite: MUST have completed at least 2 of the following, Aerial Yoga Beginners, All-levels, Strong, Intermediate.

Next level/advancement: Intro to Silk Hammock

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