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Good Karma Studio has been serving the Capital region with FUN fitness for 12 years and is a woman owned business in Albany, New York. We are the area’s ONLY certified Circus Arts and Aerial studio, and the very first to bring bungee fitness to the Capital Region! With three studios in one building and open 7 days a week, we offer classes for all ages and abilities specializing in Lyra Hoop, Silks, Silk Hammock, Aerial yoga, Mat yoga, Group Fitness classes, and Kids classes!!

With our highly-trained and compassionate teachers, our studio is known for its warm and welcoming vibes for everyBODY. You’ll feel at ease when trying something new and putting yourself out there.

Good Karma is here to facilitate and spread the good karma vibes; where we believe, YOU truly can create your Health & Happiness!

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“24 hours a day, our mind makes a mistake that gives birth to every unhappiness we have ever known: the mistake of thinking that our world and everything in it, including ourselves, is “out there,” with some nature of its own that’s separate from us and our perceptions… we think that the world happens TO us.

The practice of yoga, in all of its aspects, reverses this mistake by employing the wisdom of the ancients: every single person, place, and thing we experience is only the result of our karma.

What this means is that our world is actually coming FROM us, so we in fact have the power to change it and create our own experiences. We can be more than just victims of “luck”, “chance,” and “circumstance.” When we fail to realize this elementary truth, that our minds are “turning things around,” our lives are plagued with the frustrations and unhappiness that most of us experience every day; everything from the irritation of missing the train to the deep sadness of losing a loved one.

By combining the practice of Wisdom with that of Asana (postures), we begin to understand that while our yoga practice may not end wars, stop cancer and save the whales it does change the way we experience those events and the way we relate to them. Ultimately, through the practice of Yoga we can change our minds, our bodies, and our worlds.”

– Conquering Lion Yoga

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