Kids Classes

Make your child’s circus dreams come true! We offer a range of kids classes and series in Aerial Yoga, Circus Arts, and traditional mat yoga. 

All of our kids programs improve body awareness, enhanced concentration, balance and coordination, strength, flexibility, and stress management. Aerial and circus classes also boost self esteem, providing a sense of strength and confidence to try new things and trust in themselves.

Kids Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga for kids is a fun way to stretch and strengthen the mind, body & spirit. If your child is new to these activities, aerial yoga is the place to start!

5-Week Series (ages 7-12): Sundays 10:15am

A drop-in class is offered in-between each series for newbies to try.

Ages 5-6: Offered as a workshop 1x a month, please check ‘Kids Schedule’.

Kids Silk Hammock

This is a step up from our kids aerial yoga classes. Instead of the nylon hammocks, kids use longer silk hammocks that hang higher in the air and involve more acrobatic movements. 

It is recommended to have taken an aerial yoga class prior.

5-Week Series- Ages 8-13

Level 1- Wednesdays at 430pm 
evel 2- Wednesdays at 545pm

Kids Lyra Hoop

5-Week Series- Ages 8-13

Level 1- Thursdays at 430pm
Level 2- Thursdays at 545pm

This circular circus apparatus will allow your child to learn flips, tricks, grips and small sequences within the hoop.

Kids Silks

5-Week Series- Ages 8-13 Level 1 Tuesdays 4:30pm

All-levels weekly drop-in class Saturdays 10:15am

This time our junior aerialists learn fun flips and tricks on the silks! Students will explore a variety of moves while focusing on proper alignment & technique to build upper body strength, coordination, flexibility, and focus on body awareness. These classes promote “overcoming fears & obstacles” all while laughing with our peers!

Monthly Kids Workshops

Check the Kids Schedule for monthly workshop updates.

Parental & Me Aerial Yoga Classes

Ages 4-8: Bonding fun with your little ones! Together, you will share one swing and work as a team, helping each other stretch further & fly higher.

Ages 9-13: In this class, you and your child will each have your own swing for more advanced flying fun.

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