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News from Good Karma Studio and beyond for Yogis and fitness junkies in Albany, New York.

Good Karma Studio News

Hula Hoop Choreo Drop In Classes

April 14, 21, 28-In this drop in class, we'll explore the hoop as a dance prop. You will learn different ways to hold, move and manipulate the hoop, use 8 counts to keep rhythm, and grow confident in your dance moves. Each class will be different depending on the skill levels present. Ideally, you will leave the class with a few new tricks that you can use to create your own flow. This is a beginner friendly class, although it is encouraged for anyone who has previously taken the 4 week series, or has some experience using the hoop as a prop. Will have few hoops available so please try to bring your own if possible!

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

April 12-14 :Aerial Yoga Teacher Training-Open your mind and body to new possibilities and get ready to turns your students’ lives upside-down.

Aerial Yoga at Putnam Place in Saratoga

April 13- - Let's get into our swings together... at Saratoga's live music venue, Putnam Place!!!! Aerial Yoga takes many of your traditional yoga poses and incorporates them using the swings that hang from the ceiling.

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