Aerial Restore Teacher Training

In this aerial training you’ll learn the art of helping yourself, and clients, relax and rejuvenate with the support of the most versatile yoga prop…the aerial yoga hammock.

The aerial hammock offers support and guidance in a way that traditional yoga props are simply unable to do so. In Aerial Restore we lower the swing a few inches from the floor to practice passive deep-stretch poses held for a longer period of time. The healing and transformative possibilities of this practice are endless as we incorporate deep-breathing and relaxation throughout to unravel deep internal physical and emotional tension, as well as connective tissue and fascia.

What You’ll Learn
  • Restorative Aerial Yoga Asanas/Poses: 
    • Comprehensive restorative pose breakdowns- traditional and adaptive 
  • Class Sequencing- time management, learning styles, and communication tips
    • How to work with different body sizes, shapes, abilities
    • Multiple complete restorative yoga sequences
    • Principles and alignments of restorative yoga
    • Common teaching obstacles and how to overcome them
  • Practice Teaching for Integration: The most important part of any teacher training you’re investing in is, to feel confident in sharing it with others. You will leave the training with a complete class sequence that you design.
  • Preparedness with Safety
    • You are hanging students from the ceiling, they must trust you. In this training you’ll learn that to be a good aerial yoga teacher requires confidence in your verbiage, clear concise cueing, and hands-on assisting capabilities.
Training Resources
  • A complete and comprehensive manual providing you with everything you need to safely guide students through beginner to advanced level classes.
  • Access to online resources & videos.
  • Additional handouts and studies.
  • 20% off a single swing for personal use or quantity swing discount for your studio.
  • Support during and after the training.
Training Tuition- $560 ($500 for GKS Level 1 graduates)

Good Karma provides small specialized training groups, not your average 20 trainees. Our aerial teacher trainings consist of 5-8 participants for specialized learning and more focused attention.

Room and Board is not included. Space is limited, a $300 deposit is due with your application to reserve your spot. Tuition balance is due no later than twenty (20) days prior to the training.

Reserve Your Spot in an Upcoming Aerial Restore Training

Saturday Nov. 11- Sunday Nov. 12, 2023


Payments can be made by check or Venmo.