I was scrolling through Facebook one day when something caught my eye. It was a form of Yoga Practice called BUTI yoga. I loved the movement, energy, and music.  Instead of trying a video I decided I would go to this training in MA. I wanted the whole experience and crazy it may have been;  I drove three hours for a weekend adventure. I did Buti for the first time that day and I know I held tears back. It was the most powerful Yoga experience I ever had. I may not have got certified that day to teach, but I got all the tool s to train and grow. I even got the best advice from the master trainer, that I had an energy inside me, but my throat chakra was closed. I needed to really work on that before I could teach.

I found healing that day and struggling with an eating disorder and a stressful job. I found a power that made me feel I was enough. I was enough just as I am.

To this day, five years later, I may still have some work to do, but don’t we all. I am very excited to finally teach and help others feel that they are powerful and enough. I am very excited to share Buti!

Let Buti heal you from within; you will not be disappointed.

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