Jessica L

Owner of GKS & Master Aerial Instructor

I have practiced being in love with yoga for 26 years now. One of my greatest teachers during my 10 years living in NYC admired my serenity and slight obsession with inversions. However, for me, my admiration wasn’t, and isn’t, about the challenge of accomplishing these advanced poses; rather, the way my mind and body felt while “actually within”, and after coming out, of an extended headstand.

“Have you been to this new, “floating yoga” from a swing?” he asked. One visit… I was hooked!

Jessica Lubin returned to her hometown of Albany in 2011 after her life path took her almost around the globe. She moved to Guatemala to help build a bottle school, decided to stay and intensify her study of yoga and holistic health there. She then traveled to India for 5 months where she studied and received her yoga teacher training certification. She opened Good Karma Studio, the 1st and only Aerial Yoga Studio in Albany, NY in 2011.

In 2013, Good Karma expanded with two amazing studios within one building. In 2018 another massive expansion where Good Karma Studio now hosts Albany’s only Aerial, Circus Arts, and yoga school.

She LOVES to teach, to learn, to be inspired, and to inspire others!

As a master teacher, Jessica, offers and has trained over 100 aerial trainees and helped develop countless aerial programs within other studios. Jessica continues her love for travel running aerial & circus arts retreats around the world.

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