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Good Karma Studio Class Pack Fulfillment


Just to Recap:

On August 6th Governor Cuomo announced that all NYS Gyms/Studios would remain closed indefinitely.

In the days following and so many months of uncertainty lingering, Jessica Lubin owner of Good Karma Studio, had to make the devastating decision after 10 years in business, to make right by all students who had purchased and held outstanding classes and packages in their account. While many gyms and studios have been able to conduct group classes outdoors this summer, GKS being a predominately Circus Arts and Aerial Studio, have been struggling to keep their business afloat with the lack of high ceilings to hang from.

Alyssa, GKS’s Studio Manager, as well as the entire Team of Good Karma teachers, came together to support the family they built and love.

It was a long and emotionally exhausting week. While they prepared to close their doors for the unforeseen future on October 16, 2020, they worked tirelessly to create extended opportunities and specialty outdoor classes for students to redeem their money; all with the sadness they may not be getting the particular experience they paid for.

Yoga teachers and studios alike are here to serve our community, we weren’t about to give up. The hope was to reimburse our community members in the only way we knew how before the cold winter months, then restructure a non-existent “physical” yoga studio with a new and more affordable software system in preparation for a somewhat miraculous turn of events, sometime before or after the new year.

On August 14th 11am, one week after the Governor’s indefinite announcement was announced, Good Karma’s mass studio email informing students of the saddening news was scheduled and released.

On August 14th 12:15pm Everyone started texting us… “Did you hear? Governor Cuomo is making an announcement on Monday with regards to gyms/studios reopening!”  I’m sorry but WTH!

On August 17th 11:30am Governor Cuomo announced gyms/studios can safely reopen as of August 24th 2020 with 33% occupancy and a whole lot of other restrictions and guidelines.

Today, August 20th we are HOPEFUL, willing to put in the work needed, and excited to get you back in the air or grounded on your mats safely INSIDE THE STUDIO once again.

Things are continuously changing, and no one knows what will happen. Your health and happiness are, and will continue to be, our #1 priority!

Please take advantage of ALL offerings with your current outstanding classes and packages ASAP!

I hope to see you all soon, let the healing and transformation of doing what you love and never thought you could, be stronger than the FEAR that holds us back. AMEN[/vc_column_text][vc_separator style=”shadow”][vc_column_text]

Important Update from GKS

Hi All, I hope you are doing well; we miss you terribly! It’s heartbreaking to have to write this type of an email after 10 years in business. If you don’t already know, Good Karma Studio and are fellow gyms/studios in NYS have been mandated to close indefinitely per governor Cuomo’s recent update.

This pandemic has crippled all of us in so many ways. As a small business owner with complete transparency, the fear and doubt are beyond overwhelming. I’d like to thank our loyal community who have stood by us during these past 6 months, it’s made healing and navigating through these challenging times a little easier together.

With so much uncertainty and little time left for outdoor classes, the one thing that’s clear to me is my obligation to you, our students who’ve signed up for an experience of some kind through Good Karma. As you consider the options below, I realize you may not be getting exactly what you paid for. While this hurts my heart more than anything, I want to give you what I can, while I can. With no definitive timeline for re-opening in site, clearing our books is the best way for me to see that you get what you deserve.

As of today, you’ll have two months to use the classes/packages you have purchased through MindBody. On October 16, 2020, we will be closing MindBody as we need to get out from under their exorbitant monthly fees. With a clean slate and a hopeful approval from NYS, we can then plan a re-opening under a new scheduling software platform. We want nothing more then to safely get you back in the air, or grounded on your mats IN-studio one day.

Beyond our current class schedule, we will be offering weekly speciality classes as well. Please see a listing below, there will be additional options offered and posted weekly. Please sign up for these classes ASAP, due to safety guidelines, spots are LIMITED.

It has been my honor to serve this community’s high-flying circus dreams, physical and mental healing, a-ha inspiring moments, and create a space where community came and grew together. The laughter and love of new friendships made throughout the years lives deeply within these walls, and will always be in my heart.


Ways You Can Use Your Current Class Passes:

  1. Attend outdoor classes or zoom classes with any current package. See our full schedule below and sign up here. Outside classes are now both virtual and in the grass outside Good Karma and NOT Cook Park unless specified.
  2. Gift/sell your package to a friend who can use them with in the next 2 months. The recipient must have or create their own account first for waiver, and tracing purposes if needed. Then please email the studio with the subject line: Link my Shared Package. Include your info as well as the recipients to complete this transaction.
  3. Have a big package left? Ask about setting up private sessions, or a semi- private session with your family/close friends. Pricing is below and you can email us to discuss scheduling. Use subject line: Transferring Package Funds to Private/Semi Sessions.
  4. You can forfeit/donate your money to the studio‘s very large and continuous rent fund. This will be need to be done in writing. Please email us with the subject line: Studio Rent Fund Donation.


Help us help you!

  1. Login to your account and know what classes/packages you have outstanding. We will be sending a weekly email reminder & posting on social media. No exceptions can be made after the deadline of October 16th.
  2. Based on the $ amount, decide what you would like to use your money towards, please review the class and private options below before contacting us.
  3. If your classes/package happened to expire during the shutdown, please email us with the subject line: Package Extension Needed. We will re-activate them for the next two months.


  1. Any discounted Intro class packages can only be used for zoom or outdoor classes. You have 2 months from today to finish your package.
  2. All previous classes & packages in any category (Mat Yoga/Aerial/ Circus Arts/Workshops) can now be used toward Outdoor & Zoom classes, signup as you normally would via MindBody.
  3. If you are unable to attend current class times, you can purchase one of our pre-recorded classes via Vimeo. Click here to choose the class(es) you want, and then contact us to transfer you to Vimeo dollars. You will have two months to fulfill.
  4. If you have an outstanding Workshop ranging from $25 or higher, please contact us to split the dollar amount into two online/zoom classes, or pre-recorded class videos. If you have an outstanding Workshop that is $30, join us for one of our upcoming Tuesday classes at the Saratoga Kayak Shak pavilion. There are only 5 spots per class, view class times and availability here. You can add $5 in cash to a $25 workshop and join these classes as well.
  5. Remaining $ amounts can be used toward any retail products/clothes in studio before or after your class. We will also be having a parking lot clothing SALE on Saturday, Sept. 12th from 10AM-12PM.

Emails are going out per class category. You may receive this email more than once if you have multiple packages in different categories (Mat Yoga/Group Fitness, Aerial, Circus Arts, Workshops). Please be patient with us over the next week as many questions or requests may be rolling in.

This is not the end.

You know I don’t give up easily and we will continue to fight and forge on in new ways for as long as we can. Please join me in thanking all of our dedicated and passionate teachers; my friends I love you so much and am so grateful for all that you’ve done for me, our students, and Good Karma.

A special thank you to Alyssa, our studio manager, with whom I truly wouldn’t have survived this upheaval and past 6 months. She continuously inspired us with her uplifting social media posts, worked tirelessly to re-invent a “distanced studio,” and has not only been my rock, my sanity, but most importantly my friend. Thank you Alyssa, I love you!

~Jessica Lubin[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]